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I did a friends cut. I mostly cut people who haven't touched their lj accounts in years, though. I hope there are no hard feelings, and I hope to see you around lj some more. ♥ If you feel like I shouldn't have cut you, just comment on my original friends only post and I'm willing to give it another go.
jgl - and the sun burns my skin

a goodbye is not forever.

Okay, so I've done my friends cut today. Turns out I've cut more people than intended. If you were removed it's mainly because you haven't updated your account in over a year or more, or have never posted at my journal so there never was a true connection. 

If you want to be added back because you want to give it another try, then you can leave a comment on my friends only post. I might add you back then.

Sorry for having done this. I hope there are no hard feelings and I wish you all the best of luck! ♥
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The Avatar Friending Meme

Since luthien_26 and I haven't seen a friending meme in an Avatar community before, we thought it might be a good thing to make one. It's always a fun way to get to know some other Avatar fans better and make new lj friends.

We're sure most of you have done a friending meme before or know how it works but we'll explain it just in case. ;) You just fill out some questions the code is below and post the answers to this entry. Then you wait till other users answered to your post and/or you look through the posts of others to see if you have things in common and answer to their posts if you'd like to become friends. So it's rather easy. :)

Now without further ado, we present to you our Avatar Friending Meme! :D

Toph: Do you really think friendships can last more than one lifetime?
Aang: I don't see why not.

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Zutara Picspam

Created for the The Great Zutara Picspam Project @ katara_zuko .

Basically, luthien_26 and I thought this event sounded like a lot of fun and thus we decided to join as well. We compiled a list of our favourite Zutara scenes. Then I made the graphics and we wrote down the reasons behind our choices (Lu wrote most of that, though).

Have fun! :D

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Since I've recently started to enter icontests, I thought it might be best to make an awards post. :D I might post this at enrai_graphics but for now I'm going to collect the banners here.

√ 8 icons won first place.
√ 10 icons won second place.
5 icons won third place.
√ 1 icon won fifth place.
√ 11 icons won in a special category.
√ 7 icons won mod's choice

UPDATED: July 29th 2009

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Avatar Character Icon Dump + 3 Forum Banners

Basically what the title says....

145 icons of various Avatar characters and a few sceneries.

There icons of Aang, Katara, Zuko, Sokka, Toph, Azula, Iroh, Suki, Appa, Aunt Wu, Bato, Bosco, Dai Li, The Boulder, King Bumi, Chong, Combustion Man, Foaming Mouth Guy, Gran Gran, Hama, General Fong, Joo Dee, June, Jeong Jeong, Jin, Long Feng, Mai, Momo, Ming, Avatar Roku, On Ji, Master Pakku, Fire Lord Ozai, Piandao, Pipsqueak, Smellerbee, The Duke, Song, The Mechanist, Fire Lord Sozin, Ty Lee, Lady Ursa, Xin Fu, Yu and Professor Zei.

Then there are 3 banners: Toph, Kataang and Zutara.



Credit if you use.
No hotlinking.
No altering: textless icons =/= bases.
Comment if you take any.

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I figured this is the best way to say from whom I use textures and brushes and such in photoshop. They have put a lot of effort and work in their textures or brushes, so the least I can do is credit them.

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hybrid genesis


naruto-kun: coloured manga and anime caps of naruto
piando.org: screencaps of avatar the last airbender
random curiosity: screencaps of various anime
screencap paradise: screencaps of buffy, charmed, the o.c. and many more
violentred: screencaps of w.i.t.c.h. cartoon, one tree hill and more by bentfire</div></div></div>
jgl - and the sun burns my skin

Kataang Icon Dump

I made Kataang icons with screencaps from the first four episodes, "The Boy in the Iceberg", "The Avatar Returns", "The Southern Air Temple" and "The Warriors of Kyoshi". Enjoy.


Credit if you use.
No hotlinking.
No altering: textless icons =/= bases.



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