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Zutara Picspam

Created for the The Great Zutara Picspam Project @ katara_zuko .

Basically, luthien_26 and I thought this event sounded like a lot of fun and thus we decided to join as well. We compiled a list of our favourite Zutara scenes. Then I made the graphics and we wrote down the reasons behind our choices (Lu wrote most of that, though).

Have fun! :D

Scene #10

Episode: The Southern Raiders
Quote: But I am ready to forgive you.
Reason: This is the real turning point of their relationship - the moment where Katara lets all the hurt and resentment go, and lets Zuko into her life, not just as an ally, but as a friend. They've both come back from a journey full of ugly feelings and raw emotion - and have returned with a sense of understanding. It's the death of one phase of their existence together, and the birth of something hopeful. Also the hug itself was awesome. She doesn't just hug him, she tackle-glomp-hugs him.

Scene #9

Episode: The Waterbending Scroll
Quote: Perhaps in exchange I can restore something you've lost.
Reason: The scene that turned most watchers into Zutarians. How can we not include this? It's the first time that they're that close to each other and Zuko's line "I'll save you from the pirates," might be incredibly cheesy but it's so memorable. Of course we can't dismiss the way Zuko walks around Katara so closely and then whisper in her ear. Sexual interpretations abound.

Scene #8

Episode: Sozin's Comet: The Phoenix King
Quote: Then Katara and Zuko charge in with some liquidy hot offence...
Reason: Dispelling the myth that fire and water are opposites that can't work together, Zuko and Katara are chosen (by Sokka!) to train together to take down the Fire Lord. No qualms, no opposition - they fall right in line, and wordlessly work together as one. They now have a silent understanding of each other, which shows another step in progress of their relationship - they finally "get" each other.

Scene #7

Episode: Sozin's Comet: Avatar Aang
Quote: I think I’m the one who should be thanking you.
Reason: You see that look on Katara's face? That's concern. Not just the concern you show for any human being in a dire situation, but the concern you have when it's someone you care about. This isn't just any injured person she's trying to heal, she's desperately trying to save a friend, someone who now means something to her. A few episodes prior, she's the one who had threatened to end Zuko's life; now Katara is at a point where the prospect of losing him is unacceptable.

Scene #6

Episode: Siege of the North: Part One
Quote: Well, aren't you a big girl now?
Reason: Cosmic symmetry. Zuko and Katara, whether friends, foes, or, maybe down the line, something else, are drawn to each other. It always comes down to these two. The fight at the Oasis is the first great example of the fact that Zuko and Katara are equal opposites - fierce fighters, passionate about their causes, unwilling to back down. It's no coincidence this takes place at the pool where Tui and La circle each other in their timeless dance. We like to think of Zuko and Katara as Tui and La, with Aang being the axis around which they rotate.

Scene #5

Episode: The Southern Raiders
Quote: Your mother was a brave woman.
Reason: Deep into the third season of the show, we've still never heard the full story behind the death of Katara's mother. So why does she choose to reveal her most painful memory to Zuko? Perhaps because she remembers that conversation, where he said he missed his mother too, and she knows he'll understand. It's important to her that he knows why she has to do this. And after she puts it all out there, after she re-lives her most painful memory, he seems to understand there isn't much to say, and that she just needed her moment. Zuko says the best thing one can say in that situation: "Your mother was a brave woman." For Katara, it's enough.

Scene #4

Episode: Crossroads of Destiny
Quote: That’s something we have in common.
Reason: The first understanding. Katara rails at Zuko for being a "horrible person," and Zuko - angry, petulant Zuko - surprisingly just sits there and takes it. (Side note: Katara's one of the few people who can yell full-on at Zuko and he'll just listen. For some reason, he doesn't lash out, or even get angry - he seems to understand it's something she needs to work through, and that, in some cases, he probably deserves it.) When he does speak, he reaches out. It stops Katara - and us - in our tracks. This is the moment Zuko stops seeing Katara as just a "peasant" or an obstacle to his goal. It's our first acknowledgement that he sees Katara the person.

Scene #3

Episode: Sozin's Comet: The Old Masters
Quote: Katara, how would you like to help me put Azula in her place‌?
Reason: This scene might be very short but we do think it's important. Why? Mainly because Zuko doesn't argue the fact that he'll need help going against Azula and immediately turns to Katara for help. Not Toph, not Sokka nor even Suki. But only Katara after a second of consideration. This really shows that Zuko has grown since he refused her help in The Chase and that not only Sokka but even they themselves think they're a great team.

Scene #2

Episode: The Southern Raiders
Quote: And you turned around and betrayed me. Betrayed all of us.
Reason: It's personal. She remembers the Crystal Catacombs and it hurts. She talks about Zuko's betrayal, but mentions herself first, then the rest of the group. Freudian Slip. She needs him to know he put her through pain, and made her doubt herself. First and foremost to Katara, what happened in Ba Sing Se is about them.

Scene #1

Episode: Sozin's Comet: Avatar Aang
Reason: Risking it all for the other person. Zuko's already down, having taken a near-fatal blow to save Katara's life. But even in his state, he's reaching out, and the way I see this scene is not that he's trying to get her to heal him - but that he is still trying to help her. And Katara returns the favour. Their attempts to reach each other, without regard for their own situations, show just how close they've become. The parallel of their outstretched hands is one of the most beautiful moments of the series.
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